Encrypt and Decrypt for URL Using PHP

Here is the function for Encrypt and Decrypt (String, text, ids) for URL Using PHP.
please set change $secret_key and $secret_iv for your wish to generate secure encryption and decryption keys.

function encryptor($action, $string) {
    $output = false;

    $encrypt_method = "AES-256-CBC";
    //pls set your unique hashing key
    $secret_key = 'tst';
    $secret_iv = 'tst123';

    // hash
    $key = hash('sha256', $secret_key);

    // iv - encrypt method AES-256-CBC expects 16 bytes - else you will get a warning
    $iv = substr(hash('sha256', $secret_iv), 0, 16);

    //do the encyption given text, string, number
    if( $action == 'encrypt' ) {
        $output = openssl_encrypt($string, $encrypt_method, $key, 0, $iv);
        $output = base64_encode($output);
    else if( $action == 'decrypt' ){
    	//decrypt the given text, string, number
        $output = openssl_decrypt(base64_decode($string), $encrypt_method, $key, 0, $iv);

    return $output;


Call encryptor function like this for encryption

encryptor(‘encrypt’, 5);
and for decryption
encryptor(‘decrypt’, ‘cjhwYlZ6RFdmU0dBbFdLSlBzZXZtUT09′)

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